How Outdoor Living Can Shrink Your Waistline

Spring has certainly sprung, and now is the time to indulge in some outdoor living. It’s no secret that outdoor living can be fun, but did you also know that it can actually shrink your waistline?

Health Benefits From Outdoor Living

It’s true. Scientific studies have suggested that outdoor living is a fantastic way to control blood pressure, decrease the risk of having a heart attack and even manage weight. In fact, people who choose outdoor living over a sedentary lifestyle tend to live longer and have lower stress levels. Studies have even noted an overall improvement in an individual’s sense of well-being after adopting some outdoor living practices.

Outdoor living can be defined in a variety of ways. There are no hard-and-fast rules about how much time you have to spend outdoors or what activities you should engage in. The secret is to find things that you enjoy doing outdoors. Think of it as working out in a way that’s completely fun and doesn’t feel like exercise at all. That’s something that most people can really get behind. Because outdoor living is fun, you’ll stay motivated to keep going and you will begin to lose weight.

Not Just For Spring

Outdoor living is an all year activity. With the changing seasons come fresh opportunities to get up off the couch and get outside. Try snowshoeing and skiing in the winter. Pick up swimming and kayaking in the summer. Go birding in the fall. That’s right. Even watching birds can be a healthy activity because you’ll have to do quite a bit of walking.

Hiking, fishing and climbing are all good examples for outdoor activities that anyone can do. Even just getting out in the garden for some yard work or walking to a nearby park to play with your family count.

Your choice to try outdoor living also means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn new things. Start taking some lessons and getting out there. Your waistline will thank you for it.

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