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5 Tips for Planning Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Is it time for a bathroom upgrade?

Maybe your bathroom countertops have seen better days or one sink just isn’t enough anymore. A bathroom remodeling project can give your home new life and meet your needs better than your current bathroom design.

When you’re about to start a bathroom remodeling project, you’ll want to prepare. These quick tips will help you plan for an upcoming bathroom remodeling project.

Mission: Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Tip #1

Start with your bathroom remodeling budget. Set your financial limits before you begin to reduce the risk of racking up a bigger bill than you can handle. Outlining your remodel budget helps you limit your design choices as you move forward, as well.

Bathroom Remodeling Tip #2

Create your “must have” list. To decide what you need in your new bathroom, think about your needs. Carry out an honest needs assessment. Does your cozy master bathroom really need a gigantic whirlpool? Does your guest bathroom need extra storage space? Consider the basic functionality of your dream bathroom, and add those pieces to your bathroom remodeling project.

Bathroom Remodeling Tip #3

Update the small details. The tiny touches can make a huge impact in a bathroom remodeling project. To make a big impact with less money and less major work, upgrade the lighting, replace cabinet door handles and use accent tiles to add flavor to your design.

Bathroom Remodeling Tip #4

Think green. Green products are great alternatives to the traditional options you may select. Not only are they good for the environment, but many of them are more efficient, therefore lowering your utility bills. They’re often better for your health. Consider green products for your bathroom remodeling project and you’ll see the benefits in time.

Bathroom Remodeling Tip #5

Seek help from remodeling experts. Visit showrooms, flip through design magazines, and ask for help. To create the bathroom of your dreams, you’ll need some expert advice. If you need help getting started, our team loves to help homeowners with their bathroom remodeling projects from idea phase to final product! Just give us a call to learn how we can help.

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