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4 Hottest Trends in Outdoor Living Spaces

By redesigning your outdoor living space, you can increase your home’s square footage. Outdoor living lets you and your family connect with nature and each other in a way that would be more difficult if you were always indoors.

Like all home design, outdoor living spaces are subject to trends. This year’s outdoor living trends are all about making your yard a more inviting place to gather with family.

Outdoor Living Solutions in Peculiar and Kansas City

  1. Lighting and Temperature Control

    Don’t make the mistake of using direct, glaring lights in your outdoor living space. If there are steps leading outdoors, consider the various ways they could be illuminated. Also, consider under cap lights on walls and columns. These give off a warm, comforting glow that’s never hard on the eyes. Shine a light on pathways or define a patio with stake lights. They are easy to install and make a world of difference.

    Being outside is more inviting when the temperature is comfortable. Look into getting an outdoor heater to keep the atmosphere warm after the sun goes down. If heat is a concern, consider adding a structure like a gazebo to create a shady spot.

  2. Fire Pits and Fireplaces
    Fire pits and fireplaces make wonderful focal points as well as give off some welcome heat. It’s such an easy way to recreate the closeness that sitting around a campfire produces. Imagine being able to feel such camaraderie with your family every night.

  3. Views and Focal Points
    A water feature, sculpture or fascinating plant make wonderful focal points for any outdoor living space. The soothing sound of water or the graceful curves of a statue produce a restful feeling that no outdoor living area should be without.

  4. Materials
    Use natural stone and hardwood to craft your outdoor living space. These materials are sturdy, luxuriant and timeless. They’ll look as fashionable a decade from now as they do today, and they increase your home’s connection to the natural world.

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