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3 Keys to Picking a Good Contractor

When you are looking to have a project done on around your home and looking for the contractor to do the project for you it is difficult to choose. There are a few things I would recommend to you. Always get at least three to four bids. Then throw the cheapest one in the trash, because if they are the cheapest it is a problem.

You should ask yourself why are they so cheap? Do they have insurance? Do they know what they are doing? Are they going to realize they miss bid the project half way through and either try to change the price or walk away on you?

I would also throw away the most expensive bid also because they are just to greedy and there is nothing else but greed with that. Then I would take the two remaining bids and review the proposals and think of your first impression of  the two contractors. I would pick the one that was most professional and respectful. Don’t get hung up on certification and rate with different groups local the BBB or chamber of commerce, because you pay to be a member of those groups.  This is just my opinion.

Be sure you ask for reference not just from homeowners but suppliers. The suppliers know more about the contractor than the homeowner. The supplier deals with the contractor day in and day out and homeowner it once or a few times a year. Don’t tell the supplier you and getting estimates for the contractor just ask if they know them and if they are any recommendations for a contractor to complete your project.

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